Why do we need Spiritual Training? What does it do for us?

Leading a Spiritual Life requires training.  The training that we do gets us the ability to connect with the higher force at any moment.  This is the training that every human needs to get free and obtain true, genuine happiness.

Part of our spiritual work is learning that words are empty words.  You see we all have the spirit or energy within us. We are all connected, but you need training to use it and reap the benefits of it.  So, what does training do?

Training, what it does is it allows you to connect at any given minute, no matter if you are miserable or happy or unhappy or sad, you can connect, you are finding your throne, your treasure, inside yourself every given second, you don’t have to wait for special occasions.

So, training is crucial. Otherwise, your work, your spiritual work, will not have much meaning and you won’t have a truly spiritual life. We all have a basic spiritual life, whether we are aware of it or not, we are connected to the spirit. When you have the training, you make it conscious, you really have consciousness as your ladder and you are building steps to your place in the cosmos.

I was walking today on the beach and I met another person who was worried about their condition and she came to me in a such way, such a worried look on her face. I thought something happened, you know? And she looks and me and says: “What’s going on?” I said: “You tell me.”  For me to fall into that trap -- Nothing is happening, everything is good and there was a smile on my face and she looked again scrutinizing my face trying to find cracks where she could put the sadness and, of course, they weren’t there. So, in a second or two, in two minutes, she started mellowing out and relaxing, but in the beginning I looked at her and I thought that a tragedy happened. There was so much sorrow and sadness.

I told her, I said: “If and when things don’t go right, it doesn’t mean that you have to be unhappy.  It doesn’t mean that. When things go bad you are miserable and it’s a pain in the neck, doesn’t mean that you have to be unhappy. Happiness is an energy force within, once you are happy it stays there, it doesn’t go away. If you feed it, and feed it, it will stay there.”  

It is easy to say, but is hard for people to accept unless they experience it.  It’s a force, like we are two minutes or two seconds away from anger all the time. Well, if you reverse it, you can be two seconds away from happiness all the time, you know?

Everything should cause us happiness, nothing should cause us anger, it’s just the training. And that’s what’s missing in most spiritual work, it’s the training. You have to be trained how to work with the chakras because they are the key to all of our well-being.  It lies in the chakras. Very simple: if the chakras are opened, we’ll be great, we’ll be happy; if the chakras are trimmed down and tied up, collecting dust, our life is going to be the same way.  Very uneven. Tending ourselves to depression, to anger, to sprouts of happiness, but if you really take care of your chakras with that training your life will be a happy life.  

The happiness muscle inside will be thriving. Right now, what we have thriving is the anger, the anxiety, the jealousy, all these muscles we are so used to, self-pity. We have to reverse it. When you reverse it, it’s not in your mind, this is not a thing of the mind. The mind can do it once, twice, but over periods of time you need to have a base.  Happiness has to have something to rest upon and that is open chakra centers that are being fed by the breath, by the focus below the navel, and of course, by the need to grow and connect to the higher force.

This is how you learn from life. I just went for a walk and there it is, life looks at me, and the way she looked, I thought that a tragedy had just occurred. She was truly concerned and unhappy and that was her way of showing me how she cares. And I understand that she cares.  But caring doesn’t have to be that way. Caring can be with joy and let’s go and have some tea, let’s open our hearts together.  Come here and show joy. 

People come to you only when you are down on the floor, then they are what you say, good friend, good family members, when you are down and out. Where are they or where were they when you are having a good time and you are open? Why don’t they come to share your life when you are open? There are people like that, they are there for you whenever you are down on the floor. It’s okay, but it would be nice for them to be there when you are on top of the world, share the happiness with them.  But that requires training, commitment and a higher understanding than the mind can provide.