Understanding Reality VS. Illusion

Title: Distinguishing Reality from Illusion: A Key to Spiritual Advancement

In our daily lives, we are often bombarded with illusions that seem attractive and appealing. These illusions can come in various forms, such as material possessions, fame, and power. However, if we are not careful, these illusions can take away our life force and hinder our spiritual growth.

To advance on our spiritual quest, we need to learn how to distinguish between reality and illusion. Reality brings us life, while illusion takes it away. It may be tempting to chase after illusions, but in the end, they only lead to disappointment and emptiness.

To distinguish between reality and illusion, we need to have the inner fortitude and consciousness to see beyond the surface level. We need to ask ourselves, "How is this going to advance my spiritual life?" If we can't find a satisfactory answer, then it's likely an illusion.

It takes courage to sit within ourselves and find these answers. We need to have a great need to do it and the courage to seek the truth and not be swayed by external appearances. By doing so, we can avoid repeating the same mistakes and advance on our spiritual journey.

Distinguishing between reality and illusion is one of the most important things we need to do to have a truly spiritual life. It requires us to have the courage and consciousness to see beyond the surface level and seek the truth. By simply asking,  "How is this going to advance my spiritual life?" If we listen to the answer, we can avoid chasing after illusions, as fun or wonderful as they might appear to be, and then focus on what truly matters to have a Spiritual Life.