Everything is ENERGY.

Everything in this life is about energy. It is our responsibility, if you want to be spiritual, to refine and collect energy wherever and whatever it is.

You know, if you go to a baseball game people are screaming and shouting and you are sitting quiet, you only have the energy coming to you. We are really energy gatherers. Instead of taking the energy and spreading it out like talking and shouting and screaming our wisdom, we need to absorb it. Once you absorb it and you make it yours you can scream and shout and say a few things, just spend a little bit, but you must be wise. Your primary objective is to collect the energy. That’s what you have to do. Whatever it is, it’s valuable and we need to take it in.

You know, it is not about good manners or being polite or doing all the politically correct things, they don’t matter. What really matters is gathering the energy towards us.

Energy is a connection to God, if you don’t have energy, you have no connection.

You hardly have a connection to life if you don't have energy.  If you really want to go past all this level that is around you at the current time and connect to a higher force, you have to have lots and lots of energy. Tons. To gather that much energy - you have to be totally committed. You have to be totally committed to gathering energy and you need to be open and wise about it, no matter what form it comes in or whatever it is.

You know, it may not be whatever you think it is or you wanted to be or whatever you expect it to be.

Think of it like a person standing in front of a lamppost looking for something. A lot of us come and say: “What are you looking for? How can I help you?”

They say, “Yes, I lost my watch here."

You say, “Where was it last?”

They say, “No, next to the lamppost, but it's dark over there, so I’m looking here where there is light."

You have to look where the energy is. Whether it is dark or if there is light, you have to go where the energy is, not where you think it is. 

How to do that is to just show your intentions, you've got to be willing to go deep enough to be an energy collector, it’s simple.

When you are committed to your spiritual life, you are committed to absorb energy. To absorb energy, you have to go where it is. Very simple. No matter where it is, what judgments you have, it doesn’t matter. What you feel, your emotional feeling towards the place or towards person, it is energy there. Go, and take it and make it yours. And in the process, everything else unfolds.

Those are the baselines, those are the outskirts, those are the formats. And within that format you have everything that sets in, making sure your life is working, but you have to have a certain format to do that, you know? Certain guidelines, and the guidelines I found in my life is collecting energy.

I know that when I have energy in me, I feel great, when I don’t, the head runs, trying to find all kinds of mental solution. Otherwise, if you do have energy in you, the day simply shows itself.  You take it a day at a time and the next level will just present itself. That’s what having energy in your chakras does to you: allows you to be detached, allows you to not to be in your head about your life and then you can let go of disappointments and transgressions.

Like somebody told me yesterday, I get busy all the time, busy growing and that’s what I aim. I don’t note what I do and what I don’t do. I just note that every minute of my life is committed to grow, that’s all I do. Whether I don’t do anything, whether I do a lot of things, each side is committed to grow. The consciousness is there to expand.

I’m not dormant, I don’t fall asleep inside. I’ve been restless for 70 years and I still am always looking for more ways to open and expand regardless of what they are or regardless of how it looks to anybody else.

You have to have this restlessness inside, that will motivate you to grow all the time. Being placated, being placid is a death warrant, you know? And it is easy to be placated in this life, you get into a certain level of comfort, you are in good health, you have nice people around you and you are placated, but you keep the fire going.

It’s like I was talking yesterday about the fire, you have to have the fire there all the time. Something inside you that can't be stopped, the fire has to burn, and burn and burn. The pilot light will keep it going warm, you have to be able to burn it, burn away the tensions, burn away the limitations within. You have to be an energy collector, you have to look for the energy and take it in, absorb it.