Not God's Answer to the Universe

When I go inside and ask for help to grow, what I really ask is to transcend myself, to go above my limitations, my shortcomings, not to identify with my thoughts, and go to a place that is more detached.

And to do that, I have to see myself the way I am on a daily basis every minute, every second of the day - and be honest with myself. I need to see and ask and check in to see what do I really feel? If I feel something that's not worthy of where I want to go, I know that I have to work much deeper, in myself.

To feel the way I want to feel in a situation, is the objective. I want to feel in a way that is uplifting. To do this you must be conscious. You must be aware. Aware of what the causes are and what the impact will be and aware of what is real. I met today a person that was once very dear to me. And I looked at them and I was in a shock because I put so much into them.

I wanted to see the fruits of the effort and I saw that it was all gone, totally all was gone. Most importantly, I witnessed my own reactions. And my first reaction was, wow, that's what happens.

That's what always happens. They should have known better. Aren't I great. Look at what happens when someone stops the meditation but then I said, that's not really worthy of you as the teacher. That reaction, that response is lower than I want to be. So, I went deeper inside. And I felt this feeling of compassion in me for that person.

And I started viewing it from that point again. I started viewing if from the point of compassion, of understanding the struggles they are going through. I had to stop putting my personality in there. I had to stop my feeling of "I told you so" - I had to transcend and move above all that nonsense that we are living in.

So here is the hard core reality for EVERYONE. Basically all the time we are busy doing things to reinforce our ego to reinforce our very insecure sense of our being. To overcome that, what we need to do each day when we ask to grow, we really have to transcend OURSELVES. It's not just to transcend a certain problem and situations. That too but really the biggest thing is to transcend is our own limitations and work from a place that is deep. Work from a place that's compassionate and that's loving. To do that means you want to transcend yourself, that's what you need to do and the opportunities are boundless. I mean there are thousands of them in a duration of one day because every human being's ego has one purpose to justify oneself all the time.

That's what the ego does. It always has to paint us in a bright light, in a correct way, in a righteous way. And when you want to grow, you have to really defeat this part in yourself. No matter how many times you do that you still have to do it again and again and again.

You're just the river in this situation. You keep your water flowing and clean. That's all you have to do in life. And that's what I did.  But it got me by surprise the first minute. And that's what we always have, the problem with our ego.

It gets us the moment we least expect it. We want this very moment where we are more vulnerable. We are not as open as we should be. But that's okay. You know, we work to have it less and less.

 I look at myself and say, I think you are not God's answer to the universe. You have got your own limitations and problems. Focus on yourself. Focus on how to grow. Then you will not sit in judgment of anyone.

Sitting in judgment, regardless of how accurate and righteous it is, it just shows your limitations. It's a reflection upon you, not the other person. And this needs to be repeated daily. I mean really daily because as I said our ego has one purpose and that is to always justify us, to put us up in any situation.

We really have to focus on ourselves how to grow and as I said earlier everything in life is an opportunity to grow. You know everything is raw material for us. You know life is the teacher.

If children were taught that before they are put in a small room and closed and taught all this nonsense they'll never use anyway. If they were taught that life is a teacher how much easier their life would be, how much more evolved they would be just gathering from life all the information and trusting enough the God within to you know process it in them come to their conclusion not having to spoon feed them all the time you know.

But we don't do that. We put them in a room, we teach them a bunch of stuff that is totally useless and then they're going to life and life of course teaches them other stuff, shows them other things and they're confused.

Then they go to therapies, psychologists, are utterly unprepared for life you know, rather than going to life at a certain age be like a street cat learn what you have to learn on your experience and then process it and grow.

I know the best things I have learned in my life are through my personal experience, through my, jumping into life and being beaten up and down and, crushed and rebuilt and never losing this spirit that wants more fire, more happiness.

If you allow children to have that, they'll have it too. They'll have this fire, but it's being always suppressed in them with our reprimanding finger going against them. Don't, don't, don't. Finally, they are a bunch of very scared little guys, all they know is don't and don't.

And that's the result, you know. You get a bunch of insecure adults. We don't know right from wrong. We don't know left from right. We try to impose upon others the very demented values that we have received. iwill never forget my teacher telling me once if a person realizes that 95% of anything he has been taught as a child is nonsense, they'll be able to start growing. He didn't say 50%, he actually said 95%.