Become like tightrope walkers

It never ceases to amaze me, the intricacies of life. The different layers that is offered to us daily, and how we have to balance everything. How we really have to become like tightrope walkers. There is no black and white and one way's right, one way's wrong. Life is about consciousness, and consciousness has thousands of faces. What was true yesterday is suddenly false today. What's false now, in two minutes can be true.

No wonder people get confused! And there's very little wonder that people want something definite. They want to be righteous, because when you are righteous you shut off all the other intricacies of life.
Life is so varied, and what it affords us is plenty of tensions. Once we learn how to utilize them, they become compost. All of life's tensions are but compost for our inner growth. Instead of being afraid of it or worried.

Then, of course, you have to build a theory to go with it, so you become righteous, so you have a very strong path. You are this or you are that or that. and you are only that, and people know you for that. You feel secure in this new prison that you just formed for yourself. You shatter all walls and have no dogma.

I had a call today from the prison, and it really broke my heart. The guy talking, one of my best students, said, " Alik, where are you? Fifty people are missing you here. When will you come back?" I didn't know how to answer and it broke my heart further. There are, out of these fifty people, about half a dozen who are these astonishing human beings. God only knows what they have done; I never asked, but what I see now is probably not what was there thirty or forty years ago, when they got incarcerated.