Sticking to the Basics

There comes a time every few weeks or every few days where one has to go inside and check to make sure they are doing the breathing technique correctly?

You need to really check yourself, to go down to basics, because this work has a tendency of making one feel very powerful.  This work will make you feel very strong and very resilient.  You must be respectful and grateful with the energy, not arrogant, there's a lot of energy and to continuously grow you have to really go inside and check yourself.  You need to go down to the basics.

Am I doing the exercise correct? What am I actually doing as I breathe? Am I giving the energy time, am I opening my heart with gratitude?  You know, really check oneself.  You have to do it every week, every two weeks, you know, every few months, it's got to be done. One has to go down to basics.

Otherwise you grow wild. Your branches grow all over the place and they don't do good to anyone, including oneself. So going down to basics is essential.  It's as essential as is the simplicity of the exercise.

The breathing technique is simple. It has to be done simply. One has to understand the seven centers and how each one of them is responsible for the well -being of a human being. You can't go with six chakras open and the seventh chakra is all tied up.

It's not going to work.  You can't be open everywhere and your heart tied up, your sex tied up. It doesn't work. You have to make sure that all seven centers are open and you do it by checking yourself.  You go into the chakra and check, is it open?  Is it moving, is it receiving energy?  Is it flowing opening?  Is the energy blocked and stopping here?  Do I have a headache?  Open the throat chakra so the energy can pass from the third eye down.  Are my emotions and my heart wildly out of control or blocked?  Place your mind in the chakra below the belly and get rooted.  Open it so the energy can flow down.

What can I do to open it,? One has to do that, to go down the basic. Otherwise it's a lot of talk.  Just talk and talk and talk. I grew, I didn't grow, this happened, that happened.

It's all nonsense. When you grow, you don't open your mouth. You grow, it shows itself, you know. It shows itself. But you have to go deep inside and check and really check and recheck. You know, not just be lackadaisical and feel, oh, wow, I had a good class and that's going to take care of it.

No. One has to know the exercise to begin with. It's basics. As you grow and grow and evolve, this exercise also evolves, you know. But you have to know the basics first. It's like you can't know arithmetic if you don't know the multiplication table.

You have to know addition and subtraction before you go into algebra. Same with this exercise. You have to know the basics, the seven chakras, their function to understand how to work on them.

And you have to be accurate with the exercise. Creativity comes years later when you're a master of it, then you can become creative with it. First absorb it and learn it, learn the basics until they are part of you and then you can think about being creative with it.

It's a simple exercise based on very simple breath, two breaths, it's all done without pushing, without having to really strain yourself, it's not about straining.  It's about simple breath and then of course the gratitude that it involves.  You've got to be so grateful, so grateful that one simple breath can take you out of your heart, your heart can really expand out of your body.

And that is the basic exercise and it will become insatiable, if you really want to connect with the high creative force, if you just want to be comfortable and be able to say I'm having a spiritual life, you don't have to revisit basics so often.

This work, this one exercise, one day done properly, can last you a lifetime. People can come here for a day have an exercise, have a class, and they'll have enough energy for their lifetime. But that's not the idea behind it.

The idea is to connect to God and get free this lifetime, not just sustain and not just use the energy - you're not just fueling your car here. You're making your car into a feather that goes into the cosmos.

That's the idea. I'm not staying like a heavy car, made from metal and wheels, and just has to be fueled to drive around. You want to become like a feather eventually flying off to the cosmos, never having to come back again.

So it all starts with always going down to the basics. Is my heart open? Do I have gratitude in my heart? Or do I have all the thoughts of what's going to happen about this and all that? All that goes in the mind.

You know, am I located below the navel? Do I feel this part? How's my sexuality? Can I use my sex, you know, to get deeper inside myself? Do I feel the tip of my spine, you know? Do I feel the energy rising up my spinal cord?

If not, what do I have to do to get it going? Chakra after chakra after chakra.  Is the throat really open, but do you really feel it?  It expands so wide that you really feel like a channel there, like a tunnel of the energy going downward, through the tunnel.

Even when that is the case, it still needs to be done.  You must go down to basics every few weeks when you're so packed of energy and full of energy.  You have to really go down to basics. Otherwise, like a plant, like a tree, you grow wild. And all these wild branches, all they do, is suck the nutrients from the root and add nothing to the tree.

You have to really trim the tree, to prune the tree. One has to prune themselves. Otherwise you can get lost in the jungle.