Let the Energy Teach You

I'm a one trick pony.  I let the energy teach me.  That's all I know. I put my ass down on my chair and let the higher creative forces come down through me and teach me.. That's all I know.  And it takes me where I have to go. It changes me where I have to change. As long as I stay out of the way - YOU HAVE TO STAY OUT OF THE WAY.

Allow the flow of life to teach you. The moment you get involved and put your own will into it, you stop the process. Who am I? Did I ever think I'd be in Pebble Beach?  Come on.  It's just kind of a joke.  It's fantasy. It's Fantasyland for me.

I thought I'd be sitting in Jerusalem.  On top with the seven of the mountains,  Being a teacher, it's all in my head.  It's all in my head.  So self important.  So self righteous.

I'd be stuck in that energy and karma and I'd have to come back again and again and again, getting more and more students, more and more students and you could totally lose that which matters.  It's about getting free. becoming nothing. The point is to be with God, you know? Yes. To be one with God on a lonely island or wherever your karma is, but not where your wants are, you know? 

Dalai Lama was a Dalai Lama 26 times. That gets tiring. If you do not surrender being a teacher you are stuck. Stuck being a teacher. If you are anything then you are not free.

 I have wants and desires and this and that, like every person, but I know how to disassociate from them. I know how to detach from them.  So I don't let it really control my life.  My wants, I don't let them control my life.

We were in a new city for three days recently and of course I thought to myself - what a lovely little place. Simple. Very simple. Everything was simple and sweet and new and wow.  Before I knew it I was looking for apartments here and I had already moved there in my mind.

Then I let reality set back in, I know it's going to evaporate.  I have my wants, you know, my desires, but I have my discipline to detach from them.


I come home and this is where I'm needed, where I have many, many friends, and where my life is. And God put me here. For whatever reason I don't care, I don't know. I'm growing here. I've grown here with 20 people, I've grown here with one person.

I don't know why and I don't know much about it. I just know that all I have to do is put my backside on the chair every day and then stay conscious during the day. And I grow. And I get my chair in the cosmos, much stronger, better foundation.

You haveto create this chair in the cosmos that's yours. So it may not look as fantastic as you want t to be. As a chair in Hawaii with thousands of students around you, but it has very solid footings and ground and it's a very, very, very solid chair.

I've seen people go to Hawaii or one of these islands, hundreds of students, and they saw how the guy looks and they said, my God, my God, keep me away from that.. You want to look eventually like a child, like a ten -year -old.

You don't want to wind up a creepy, tall, wise person with wise eyes that is right and justified all the time.  All I can say is that I'm grateful, I'm really grateful. I know changes occur daily and just I have to allow them now to manifest until they suddenly bloom, until then it's just a seed in the ground. We just have to be patient and allow it to bloom. It's all about trust.

It's all about trust.  Trusting the energy.  Trusting your higher self.