Happy People Are Enlightened People

I really wonder sometimes, what does it take for people to learn?

How much do they have to go through to really learn the basics that we come to this earth to grow and get out of here?  Not to have wars, not to have all kinds of philosophical discussions and ridiculous interactions.

We come here to learn a lesson and move on. And the lesson simply put is to become happy. You know, happy people are enlightened people. And it takes so many incarnations for human beings to come again and again and again, and populate the earth, until they learn this simple fact.

Until they learn it, you look at the world, the chaos, the stupidity that goes around and then you go into your heart and you find quiet and silence and sweetness. And that's the goal.  That's the objective.  Amongst the chaos find the sweetness.

Once you have found it, that's the way to stay. Not out there with all the nonsense and craziness. I don't care who you are, eventually you get tired of this stupidity. Even the Dalai Lama said that this incarnation is his last one.

After 27 incarnations or so, coming back as Dalai Lama, he's finally had enough. How many times can you come to this madness?  It's really ridiculous.  But Human beings are so thick.  We are thick, that's why it takes us so long to learn.  Our heart chakras get covered in eons of karma and life lessons that stick to us and keep us locked up with such thickness. 

And even when we learn, we forget. We learn and we forget. Till we get enough swings at our head with the stuff that we remember. And once you remember there are no more excuses, you have to start finding the way up.

That's really the only way out of town, it's up. Every other way gets you to a deadlock, to a dead end.  The way up goes through an open heart, you know, a strong foundation center, disciplined mind that doesn't run like a chicken without a head.

The Sahasara chakra, a crown chakra that is open to accept higher creative force in you and then merge with it and have a marriage. It's simple and it takes a lifetime to learn. But better a lifetime than five zillion lifetimes.

Then there is the repetition, you have to repeat it and repeat it and repeat it until you remember. A teacher is just a memo pad. He or she repeats, they repeat and repeat and repeat. They drive everyone around them crazy, but that's the only way people remember. We need repetition all the time.

People need reminders. We forget. Forgetfulness is really a deadly sin. It's on top of these seven deadly sins, the eighth one is forgetfulness. We forget, you know, it's really amazing. We forget that which is essential to our life, to remember the stupidity.