Letting Go of Blocks and Baggage

Let Go Of Your Blocks and Baggage

You know, when we encounter tension inside and blocks, the hardest thing to do is to let go because we are attached to what we have in there, we have lived with it for so many thousands of incarnations, all these blocks and limitations, all this concrete, that it is very, very hard to let go of it.

It’s like a miserly man who's letting go of their gold.

Simply, it's gone, when you let go of it, but it's poison when you keep it in there. Very simple, we have to learn how to let go of these treasures that we all hold on to, all these blocks, massive blocks, that are some of the totals of our incarnations: wonderful things, hard things, it doesn't matter.

If we turn it into shakti, into energy, we fulfill our function, if you just play with it, like your tongue goes into a hole in the tooth, just playing with it and playing with it, that's not going to do the job.

We have to allow it to dissipate. You have to use this work like a laser beam to break it down. This work can really slowly dissipate it, break it, and we have to use it in this way.

Simultaneously, you have to be disconnected to the laser beam. This work is the strongest laser you can ever invent, and it goes inside, and it dissipates, it melts away the blocks, but you have to let it, you have to deeply surrender and say: “Please, help me let go of that. I don't want to live with it anymore”.

As long as you want to live with it, it'll stay there. And unconsciously, we all want to live with it. Because it's us, we know them, we know the person that consists of these blocks, it's us.

The challenge is that it's very hard to live with a stranger inside. You don't know who he is, what it is, what it was. It’s hard. That’s the only way to live with God, we don't know this stranger. God, and you walk around the world and you just do good. But if you walk with this block, sometimes he will work, sometimes he won't work. He just one day gives you honey, one day gives you onions. You never know what happens. You have to learn how to let go no matter how attached you are to this cement concrete inside.

And this work we do can really break and crack this cement inside us and as it cracks
it'll dissipate.

And every class we go through. For me it's so powerful, it’s really powerful, I can hardly hold it sometimes. The struggle between having a block and letting it go when you make a struggle inside. It's the opposite of what everything inside you wants to do. You want to hold on to it and not allow this force to go through you, you resist it and when that happens we consciously have to go the other way. It's a monumental struggle.

I know for me after these classes. It's work, it really is spiritual work.

You really have to go inside and beg and beg for help. Really beg the same way. A mother begs for the life of her child. You deeply need to let go of these tensions, all these blocks inside you, otherwise you will live with it for the next 5000 lifetimes. It's not going to go away because you're a nice guy. It's going to go away if you work within yourself and you ask to grow and surrender. Then you ask again and again and again. Otherwise, you'll stay there and we will go from incarnation to incarnation with this, with our treasures. It’s silly.

Treasure is good if you give it away, all that crap. Every time I break down something, something comes out of me, and there's more energy and there's more wisdom and stuff like that. Comes out because you broke this block up. Freed up more room for something more meaningul. More room for pure Shakti.

You know, there's so much gratitude inside me. Every time I hit a block, instead of anger and disappointment, I say: “Okay, thank you. Thank you for showing me there is another block now. I'll go against this resistance.” The resistance wants to hold on to it. It's afraid because it doesn't know what it means to be empty? I don't know what empty means either, but I know it will fill with more Shakti, so I ask to let it go, I really ask to let it go.

You learn to be grateful that you're going through this monumental fight. It's the battlefield of truth in the Bhagavad Gita. The first sentences calling it the battlefield of truth.

The stronger the block, the harder you have to work, the more satisfying and gratifying are the results. Suddenly having more room inside you. Being able to breathe easier it's very gratifying.

It’s your spiritual work. It's work.