Surrendering Resistance

The continual surrender of resistance, it really gives a person a very strong chakka system because as long as we are alive there's going to be resistance to everything and anything.

The first reaction in a human being is that something is too hard, it takes too much, we can't do that.  That's new, I won't let go of the old.  We are humans that way. The challenge is that going against that, going against our grain, that's what gives us a spiritual life.

It really creates a very strong foundation inside this chakra system that cannot be destroyed with any wind or with any event in life. That continual surrender, continual surrender of the resistance, letting go, you letting go of resistance is essential to a spiritual life.

So something new will always come in. And the resistance, this force which is very strong energy, works for you instead of working against you. Resistance is a force inside. It's an energy force that really causes people to be very tight, very tough to combat life, but you're not supposed to combat life.

You want to transcend life. You want to go past that so you can grow. It's not about fighting everything in life.  That's what people do usually, they fight life. I'm a survivor, etc.

Instead of being a survivor, why don't you be a person of transcendence? You take all this toughness, all this hardness in life and you work with it. You decimate it. You take this force, this resistance, this very strong force and you make it work for you so you can grow.

That's what we have to do in life. We have to really surrender the resistance to everything, to waking up in the morning, to going to work, to being happy.

Why would one be happy when everything is so hard around? Because one wants to be happy, that's our DNA, to eventually be happy. And being unhappy is really succumbing to the resistance to life.

That's what it is. It's a resistance to life. We want life on our terms. Sunny day, blue skies, beautiful beach, Life is not that. Sometimes the sun hides.  The weather is terrible, people are nasty.  Why would that take away from our happiness?

It's all in the head. It really is all in the head. And we want life to be a certain way so we can be happy. It's all in the head.  Life is what it is. But we have the choice. We were the given the choice to take all the forces inside.  Take these strong energies, and turn it into Shakti, into life -giving force. And the first one to give life to is ourselves. We have to give birth to ourselves. Then we can give birth to others.

Try to give birth to others without you being reborn inside. It's futile. It's never going to happen. But you have to be reborn again and again and again every day. Then you can give birth to other people, to life on a daily basis.

So understanding that the continual surrender of resistance is our path to enlightenment, it is very important. Otherwise we fall into this boredom routine of another day, another day, another day, and we manage to survive it.

It's not about that. It's about transcendence. The day was this and that, but you were here, you were conscious. You move up.  You transcend the day. You are a bit closer to God, a tiny bit closer, and the next day again, a tiny bit closer.

And that's how you go day after day after day on this endless ladder, until you get your realization, you get your enlightenment. If you are not ready for this journey, please be honest with yourself.

It's okay, not everybody has to do it this life or want to do it, but you have to be honest with yourself.  It's fine, everything is fine, but if you have the need to really get this total and full realization, you have to work in yourself to get there.

It's not enough just to have a wish. Wish has to be accompanied with a very deep inner work.