We as people have to go past ourselves on a daily basis. Just because we had a great day yesterday, doesn't mean that today is going to be the same, or tomorrow. We have a responsibility to try and go past ourselves on a daily basis. Past our emotions, past our likes and dislike. Because if we succumb to our personality, to what we are, we are losing the day. It's our responsibility as human beings to go inside and really ask for this consciousness, for this power, to go past ourselves.

Ourselves is not what we are. Ourselves is a combination of years and years of our emotions, our personalities, our habits, our upbringing. It's never really what we are deeply inside. Once we get in touch with what we are deeply inside, we have to cultivate that. We have to pour water on that and let it grow, until this part inside us becomes what we are all the time. If, in the beginning, we just have a glimpse of it every now and then, once we work on ourselves very diligently and on a daily basis, this inside becomes us and the rest of the stuff is just roughage, raw materials.

It's our responsibility to do that on a daily basis, not just once a week or twice a week, but every day, every minute of our life. We have a responsibility to go past ourselves. That is the project that a human being has - a human being that really wants to grow and attain enlightenment, attain consciousness. We can't do it 80% of the time. You're either pregnant or you're not pregnant; you can't be 20% pregnant. It's the same with consciousness; you're either a conscious human being or you're not a conscious human being. It's very simple.

If you're a conscious being, you work on it daily, every minute of the day. As soon as you fall down, you pick yourself by the britches and you pick yourself up again, until living in a conscious way becomes a way of life. It becomes who you are, not just a guest coming once every few hours, when you just remember yourself. That's why it's important to breathe, take a breath every now and then. Everything we do - all these insane chains of money, of power, of comfort... To leave it every now and then and take a breath and really relax and say, " What do we really want in life? Who we really are?"

Ramana Marashi used to say, "Who are we?" He used to urge his students to say, "Who am I?" This "I" that we keep on referring to... Who is it? What is it? You'll realize that you have a mystery inside, an enigma, and it has to be unfolded. We live in a mystery. Every human being can see us the way we are, only we live with blinds on our eyes. Starting our conscious process, our growth , means taking off the blinds, slowly. Every day, taking them off, and seeing more clearly what we are.