The Gifts of Time

It's all fiction really.  It's only a minute. A minute just goes on and on and on. There's no time. There's no beginning or end. There was never a time when this world wasn't here. There's never going to be a time when the world is not here.

We just have to put it in our brain so we can understand it with a beginning and end.  There's no such thing.  Just one long minute. That's what we have. It's like a river flowing.  Then it flows around and around.

It leaves some people at one shore and just flows around in a circle. And other people go up on the river and it leaves them in different shore. Nothing was lost, nothing was gained.  There's no loss in the universe.

Nothing that was here is not there anymore. It doesn't happen.  It's just a different sphere of consciousness. So we can't see that.  But it's all there. The dinosaurs are roaming somewhere.

Not in the plane of consciousness that you and I are on anymore. So we have to put time on things. There's no time. I don't remember when this day started today. I have no recollection.  I just remember one long minute.

It's fantastic. You don't indulge in the past. You just have the minute to handle and deal with. And if the minute is such where you open your heart and you feel happy, you have a great minute.

If you don't have it, so what was your day all about? Really?  What do people want here in Guatemala, in Alaska, in Texas? Anywhere. What do people really want? To be happy. Every human being wants to be happy and we came here to learn this and find our way back up.

That is all we want in this life and we need to understand that if we grab the minute and open the heart, we'll be happy. Not when we accumulate things and get power and control and more possessions.

The best car in the world, the best partner in the world, these things are not going to make us happy. It's all nonsense. What makes me happy, or everybody for that matter, is opening my heart.

To feel this sweetness and joy in the center of the heart. If you have that going, your life on earth is a success. Otherwise you flunk the course and got to come again. That's how simple it is.

You either learn how to be happy, under all circumstances, because you have a chakra system that stays open even when the going gets rough. Your chakra system is still open and the dust and the roughage that accumulates there, you wash away with the energy into your chakra system..

It's that's simple. And you wash the dust and the roughage away by having this wide chakra system that allows for longer and bigger energy to go in there and clean it up. And then you feel this sense of joy and gratitude and compassion toward everyone.

Those that gave you a hug and those that gave you a kick in the butt. You still love them. If I felt compassion only for those that loved me, I would be missing out on a lot.

I feel the same love for those who gave me a kick in the butt. They taught me something. You learn. You know, I carry in my heart so many people I really love. It's funny, when I love somebody, once I love them, it's almost impossible to get them out of my heart.

They stay there. You love them. It's dormant, but once this person comes, you see them, it starts again. Love doesn't go away.  Hatred, vengeance, jealousy, they go away.

With time, those emotions all die, they all disappear. Sometimes you have to remember why you were jealous five years ago, why you were angry 15 years ago. But with love, you always remember why you love, because the person is connected to you and your soul force.

And you remember that. Remember the sweetness, the joy. Your love is always there.