Kundalini Awakening

What we are trying to achieve in this process is very simply, the circulation of our energy through our chakras. Everything else is just a precursor to it, just a road map. The final objective is to allow the energy to flow through our sex, to the base of the spine, and start climbing up our spinal column to the top of the head. That's when we are in an open state. At this point, we can connect to a higher force and let cosmic energy go. There's a marriage of energy that appears then: our physical energy and our cosmic energy. That's the marriage where we grow.

The final result is to allow the energy to flow through to the back of the spine, and then climb up... The Kundalini has to awaken, and the energy has to flow up. That's what we are trying to do; only then do we fulfill our humanity. When you have something, you can surrender it; when you don't have it, you can't surrender it.

Until then, we are working to fulfill our humanity. I've seen tons of people who proclaim to be spiritual beings, and I've met very few human beings - very few. Human beings are people who, through years of work on themselves, have learned how to open the chakras. You can't be a human being if your heart is not open. You can't be a full human being if you're not focused below the navel. You can't be a full human being if you're mind is erratic; you can't talk and you can't listen. You don't know how to support yourself...All these elements have to be in place before we can surrender our humanity, and marinate ourselves with the cosmic energy.

And that's what this exercise is all about. It's about learning how to open these chakras, surrendering the tensions, surrendering the limitations, and allow it to flow down to the sex, from the sex to the back of the spine, where the kundalini energy awakens. 

When this happens, you don't need to talk anymore. You're so deeply rooted and connected; you're rooted on Earth and you're connected to the higher creative forces. That's what every human being really wants. We are living life on Earth, so we need to be rooted here. But part of us wants to connect, so how do we play with these two elements? How do we give Caesar what's Caesar's and give God what's God's? By being focused below the naval, by learning how to open the heart, and allowing this force to flow through.

We have to surrender our tensions, to let go. You can't let go of something you don't have. We need tensions; we were born with that. Tensions make us grow; they make us uncomfortable in our own skin. They are forcing us to grow. Otherwise, we would've been like cows grazing in the pasture. Human beings aren't meant to be cows; we're meant to work and grow. And the tensions are our stimulant. Nobody likes them!

We know inside ourselves we are limitless, we are part of God, yet we take a breath and we feel the limitations. And that conflict drives people crazy! It literally drives them crazy! There's something in us that knows how limitless we are, but the reality is that there are so many limitations. Doing deep inner work slowly bites at this reality until there is no tension left. All you have is this huge space inside - vast space - and then the energy can flow in. But to do that, you have to have tensions, and you have to work them out during the day.

That's what our day's all about: surrendering our tensions. That's what we do. We go up in the morning, we feel great, we go out in the world, and the world hits us. There's always some tension, some things going wrong. The way we confront it determines how fast we grow. If we get into fights, every time the mind starts running - ticking away - we take a breath and sink it down here, eventually, the mind gets trained as a puppy to sit here. It becomes second nature, so every time it starts to click on, one breath and the tension sinks down. Eventually, as I said, it becomes second nature.

It becomes so that you can't stand your head running; it's an affront, even on good thoughts. It's still energy that's wasted. The way to use this mind energy, this powerful energy is to bring it below the navel. Here you create vastness like a well, and then it will flow by itself to the sex. The feeling is of arousement, which one doesn't have to go and practice. You can internalize it further, and then it will go to the back of the spine, and then there's a strong sharp pain, kind of a pleasurable pain, when the Kundalini awakens and the energy starts flowing up.

Basically, that's what we are doing here: trying to be a vehicle. But those are more than just a words; there's a practically to it, and that is learning how to open the chakras and being a vehicle. It's really simple. That is the basic of this spiritual work: learning how to open the centers and then having the guts to surrender, to let go.

Letting go is the hardest thing for a human being. We are trained to grab, to take, to accumulate. We are not trained to let go. When a woman has a baby, she has to let go, otherwise, the baby comes out. So women at this time of giving birth know what it means to let go. You've got to let go! That is the ultimate letting go, giving birth. To do it on a daily basis; that's what a human being isn't trained for. So, when you sit in class, visualize this emptiness - this vastness - and the energy going through, like a pinball machine.

I know very little; I really don't know much. I thought I knew a lot. The more I worked on myself, the more I realized I really don't know everything in this life. All I know is when my heart is open, I am happy; when my heart closes, suddenly my brain starts talking and then I become very wise and I think I know, but I don't. It's a very interesting feeling - It's an amazing feeling! - not to know. And the need to know has really subsided. I hear talks, and I hear conversations, and I hear spiritual wisdom, and it does nothing for me.

I hear so much talk all the time, and basically, we are all in the same boat. We all put our foot in our mouth 2,000 times a day, and the real knowledge is the knowledge of how to open the centers, the chakras. That's how you become a master; otherwise, it's all just nonsense.

I've heard some really great teachers from the 18th and 19th century and how they said that they don't know things that I as a young man used to talk so proudly about: spiritual work and incarnation. This person, Rama Krishna, said "I have no idea about incarnation," and I was in awe of the humility of this great master. You hear a lot of talks, but Rudy once told me, "We don't know where we came from and we don't know where we are going to." That was a man who knew everything. What it really means is you have your own private dialogue with God, and you find your own way. That is wonderful! its total courage. There's nobody who's going to hold our hands in the last minute. Hopefully, we have been given the training to be strong enough inside, so we have the courage for that.

That's what this class is all about; this is the gym and we are learning here how to open. This is not spiritual life: spiritual life is when you go and the taxi driver screams at you and you say, "Okay, sorry I can't fight," and you walk away. That's where your spiritual life starts, when you apply this energy into your life. Then, you are having a spiritual life. When your eyes glitter and there's a feeling about you, and you don't have to talk so much.


This article is a record from one of Elik Elzafon's classes.