The Hidden War - The Battlefield of Truth

We are all War Veterans.

Every human being is battling his own private wars.

I was fifteen years old when I left home to fight the enormous mountains that resided within me. What motivated me was restlessness, unhappiness, and a need for more. It’s been a long war with many wounds, mostly invisible.

I have tried every means of therapy and all the crazy drugs and alcohol. Nothing helped me on my search for inner peace. Then I met my meditation teacher. With one sentence he cut through the fog in my head. All you need in life, he said, is to practice a form of meditation and hold a job. You will grow and find happiness. There is nothing more to it.

I come from a land where almost everyone is a war veteran but rarely did I find anyone who was a happy veteran.

What’s missing in most of us id balance. The inner balance that would make our life experiences a title wave helping us to grow and change. Most of us are good at beating ourselves down for our past experiences, very few of us know how to take their past and make it a trampoline to jump higher.

The most gratifying war is the inner war, the inner battlefield. In the East, they called it the battlefield of truth.