Double Breathing Technique

This particular type of meditation uses a Double Breathing Technique as taught by Swami Rudrananda.

First, you relax in your belly. You have to focus on your belly.  Specifically, the lower part of your belly, you want to relax the lower abdomen muscles and do your best to focus your mind there.

Next, understand that we have seven chakras.  7 main energy centers within our psychic mechanism.  Each one of this centers is responsible for the state of our being, 

The first one is the third eye.  The third eye chakra is essentially located in the forehead, between the eye brows if you must.  This is the higher mind.  Once you open it, you see and understand things from higher and detached place.

Second chakra is in the throat. There should not be any tension there.  The throat should be relaxed and open, it should not be tight there. You swallow as many times as you need to loosen up the throat, the passageway to the heart.  While you take a deep breath, you swallow as well to relax and open the throat chakra.

Third chakra is in the heart, the seat of our compassion and love, and also the seat of emotions, jealousy and all the garbage that we have to bury or burn away.

Next, you have another center below the navel, two fingers below the navel, which is the root system, our foundation.

Just like a house, it cannot stand without its foundation. Spiritual life cannot be attained without having a foundation. Two fingers below the navel. That is where this root chakra is.

The next one is in our sexual organs.  This is where the human transforms into the divine. This center is responsible for much more than just sexual intercourse. Here, the male and female energies merge and are transformed from the human to the divine. From this chakra the energy will go down to the base of the spine where a very dormant ancient energy lies, the Kundalini energy.

The Kundalini Energy will awaken through our conscious efforts and the breath that is flowing chakra system.  In time, this energy will uncoil like a snake and travel up the spinal cord to the top of our head, which is the Sahasara, the crown Chakra. Once this chakra opens, we connect our consciousness with the higher creative force. 

We are then in the state of grace. Our energy connects with the higher energy. 

the breathing exercise is a simple one. It's a double breathing exercise. It's not to be done all through the class.  You do the breathing technique every two three minutes or when you feel you're getting into your head.

You take a deep breath through your nostril into your heart and swallow. Hold the air there for about 10, 15 seconds or so. While you are holding the air in your chest, try and feel in your heart gratitude.

You have to really learn about gratitude. Feel this amazing, amazing sense of gratefulness. For anything, simply being alive. This will help your heart to open. You will open past the emotions, past all that stuff.  Hold the air for about 10, 15 seconds, then release about a fifth or until you are comfortable. These are not exact numbers. Then wait 5, 10 seconds or so and take another deep breath. This time, since the heart is open, allow the flow, the energy to go down to this center below the navel.

Make sure you bring your mind down there. And as I said, millions of times, that is the hardest part in this exercise. The discipline to take the mind, this running monkey, and place it below the navel is essential.

Hold the air there for again 10, 15 seconds, then exhale everything.

This is the double breathing exercise. As I said, you do it 10, 15, 20 times in a class, not all the time. Rest of the time you breathe normally and try and be focused below your navel as long as you can. With time this will become easier.

It is simple, very simple, a double breath exercise based on the seven chakras in a human being. Nothing is mysterious here. It turns into something spiritual when you have a need. With time, when done properly, your need should take this exercise and turn it into a fireball.

It's the need of a human being which turns this simple breathing exercise into a life transforming event. It's the need, the deep deep need inside. You need to have your will so that can bring the mind below the navel and then the need of a human being can grow and connect with the higher creative force. 

Most people won't get it the first time.  Most people are busy in their heads.  It's difficult to break free and be relaxed, yet focused at the same time.  It's not a passive process.  The first several times can be hard and you are not expected to really master it immediately. It's a craft.

But it's okay, do the best you can. Slowly with classes it makes more and more sense. It's like a pin-ball machine, you pull the lever and the ball shoots out and it hits things that light up.  Your breath and your mind will light up the chakras.

Eventually you will have seven energy centers that do their work.  Not one, not six, but all 7 balanced and lighting up.

You have to become a craftsman, a professional, you know.  You have to become professional. All these chakras are surrounded by tensions and karma from the current life and past lives.  They need to be opened, and it is our responsibility to burn it all away. You free the statue from the stone.

When you have a piece of stone, you know a beautiful statue is there in it, but you need to hammer it, carve it, break it, knock pieces off of it and one day a Beautiful statue stands where the stone once was.  You are freeing the statue from the stone as you light up each chakra. Freeing the spiritual being from the core matter of our existence.