How will this advance my Spiritual Life?

Deep in myself I always ask for help.  I ask for help to have the inner fortitude and consciousness to distinguish between reality and illusion. Illusions come, they come one after the other, they chase after you.  Illusions need you to breath life into them.  To make them real.

The way to see the difference between reality and illusion, is clear.  Reality brings you life.  Reality feeds you with energy.  Illusion takes your life away. It may be nice for a minute, but ultimately it takes your life away.

Once you learn how to distinguish between the two, you'll always choose reality, because it will clearly bring you life, give you life.  It might not looks as fanciful as any particular illusion, but it will simplify your life, lead you to an easier, simpler, more peaceful, less demanding and more filling life.  It will lead to giving you energy, not taking it.

Otherwise, if you don't learn to ask and develop the courage to hear the answer, you'll forever  be chasing illusions and you will not advance on your spiritual quest. It's one of the most important things skills to master.  Learning how to distinguish between the two.

So, to do this you start by sitting within yourself, you slow down and you say, okay, so what do we really need that for? It looks wonderful, it feels wonderful, it's great, but why do I need that? How do I need that?  How is it going to advance my spiritual life?

And that's where you get the answer.  How is it going to advance my spiritual life? When you chase reality, you'll always know how it's going to advance your spiritual life. You have to have greatness, courage inside you to sit and find these answers.  

Simply ask, "How is it going to advance my spiritual life?  On this journey that was given to me this time, how is it going to advance my spiritual life so I won't have to repeat it and repeat it and repeat it until I realize that was an illusion?"