The World Is In A State of Perfection

Here is a shocking thought for most people.  In going deep within yourself, you learn really invaluable lessons.  You learn that the world is in a state of perfection.  You can cry and shout and sympathize and this and that and you want change and social change but the real change that can and needs to happen is within yourself.

If you change within yourself, you uplift the whole world a notch.  Everything in you wants to change things. Social structures, political structures, injustice. There's so much injustice in this world, so much pain and suffering and when it comes close to you it's painful. 

Everything in you rebels. But then you realize the only way you can affect change is by going deep inside within yourself and changing and then the outpour of your energy uplifts the world. 

It uplifts your environment, the people around you move up a notch. This is the hardest way to go through life..  It's much easier to shout and protest and scream for physical change.

And what comes with that is satisfaction.  You can get satisfied with your actions, your emotions, your involvement.  No doubt it will satiate you. You feel a better human being.

But if you really want to change, you do it quietly within yourself. You and then the whole universe, the whole neighborhood around you changes.

That is hard. There are no medals involved. Just you and your need to help. It's a different kind of help. I'm learning it again and again and again, hundreds of times. And every time I learn it, it's in a deeper place.

It's a much more conscious place. And through this you learn about forgiveness. Again, you think you know. Then it takes you to another test, to another level. Let's see, the universe says to you, let's see if you can forgive these people. 

Let's see you really forgive. And it's always harder because atrocities never stop, terrible things never stop, and then you have to forgive. So we are learning the same lessons on a much deeper scale.

We think we've got it, right? We've got it at last and then something happens and it shows you that you're not there yet. You have to work deeper so you can feel more compassion and more forgiveness. Yes, even for those that are almost unforgivable.

Life presents you plenty of opportunities to do that.  The same issues come to you, but they come stronger and deeper and your job is to grow, your response has to be more conscious each time.

The issues can be the same. You just have to have a much higher consciousness to feel it deeper and to forgive from a different place, from a much deeper place. 

It has been an interesting day today. What comes to mind is this immortal saying by Christ - forgive them, Father ...

That's exactly what Christ meant when he said, you don't have to be me, you're you. Just open your heart and be like a child again. So you can really be what you are. Just take the words and make them matter inside you.