We're not just one thing.

As human beings, we are composites of so many different aspects. I remember as a young man, I used to be a carpenter. I watched some woods - composite woods - being pressed together, different parts and particles of other woods pressed together to create another piece of wood. It used to always fascinate me.

As human beings, we are no different. Sometimes we wake up in the morning, feeling lousy, feeling this, feeling that, and cannot figure out why. We just woke up! It's because our soul traveled to other places. We are so many different things put together and assembled together to create what we are in this lifetime.

Once we start understanding that, we are really going to view ourselves in a different light. We are not just one thing, but we have a life and a journey in this life to get enlightened, in whatever body was given to us.

So we are a lot of things; we are composites of a lot of stuff. That's why we have to view ourself as all-encompassing. We're not just one thing. And if one part of us doesn't operate well, that's ok. We will slowly fix it. There is no need to be perfect; nobody's telling us, "Be perfect," because we are not. We live on Earth; life is not perfect here.

It's all about contradictions. You have light, you have darkness. You have good, You have bad. There's always these opposites, and we have to find ourself this uniting force. Which is our need to grow and serve this energy. Once we connect to that need, everything else dwarfs. We are fall short, we make a mistake, we get financial problems, emotional problems...It all falls short if we have this deep rod that always unites us, and that is the need to connect with that higher creative force. Everything else will just fall away.

I see it in my life. What I went through in this life, I just don't understand sometimes. It's beyond wondering! And here I am, feeling great, alive and kicking, and ready for the next seventy years, because I've built this uniting rod inside me that puts everything together, that puts everything in place. You are no longer an orphan in the universe, you're not just a trembling leaf on a tree, in every wind that takes you whichever way. You have a foundation, you have a base, you have a purpose for your life. And the purpose is not to be the president of the United States, but to be united with the higher creative force. That's liftetime purpose; you don't graduate!

I remember in prison, they always asked me, " When do we graduate? When do we get a certificate?" In laughing, I said "You don't get a certificate. You don't graduate here. It's an elevator; you step off whenever you want to step off." Some people will go all the way; 99% of the people will come off somewhere. It's fine; There's no judgment attached. That's what they need to do in this lifetimes. I'm back here, so this time, I'm going all the way, no matter what the universe or the energies put in my way. No matter what! I'll keep on working and growing and asking in-depth to surrender and serve the higher creative force.