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The world has been crying and lamenting for peace on earth for centuries. Yet there has never been a time when peace reigned. There is always a war in progress in different parts of the universe. The more we pray for peace, the more evasive it becomes. We have tried every conceivable means to create a peaceful environment, the attempts are honest and the participants are sincere and dedicated.

So why is there no peace?

The reason is quite simple: We cannot achieve peace while we are at war within ourselves. The process of peace has to come from within us. As long as we are conflicted, fighting our imaginary wars, allowing our minds and thoughts to run wild, as long as we have no inner discipline to quiet our emotions and raging brain, there will be no peace.

A person at war within himself cannot achieve peace in the external world. It is as simple as that. How else can we explain the continuous state of war we are living in? All explanations and reasoning are dwarfed when confronted with the simple reality of a continuous state of war.

And here is where the practice of spiritual work can help in diffusing the human need for conflict. Once we come to this place within ourselves that acknowledges our real need, we can start the process of transformation. Our true and inherent need in this life is to be HAPPY. We all want that. We pursue it in many strange and unconscious ways but the underlying intention is to achieve a state where we are feeling good inside. Spiritual work is the first step in this process. Spiritual work is the tool that helps us align all our psychic centers. These centers, if locked and congested, are the source of our misery, or alternately the foundation of our happiness.

Politicians and politics can quench a war only to have a new one ignite somewhere else. What is desperately needed is the understanding that we first have to extinguish the war within ourselves. We need to learn to control our minds and emotions so they don’t overflow and keep us in a constant state of turmoil. We have to realize that the person standing in front of us is not the enemy. They are going through their own sufferings and turmoil. And here we come back to the same notion: We are all searching for happiness. Happy people are successful people.

We are in dire need to open our heart. There is no other way of achieving happiness. Through the practice of deep inner work we can achieve an open heart and a quiet mind. Spiritual work is a tool, not a religion. It allows us to go deep into ourselves and tap the infinite source of energy within us.

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