Alik Elzafon

"A person at war within himself cannot achieve peace in the external world." - Alik Elzafon

Alik Elzafon

Alik was born in 1945 and raised in Tel-Aviv, Israel.  He has been practicing and teaching spiritual work for the past thirty-five years.  Alik is a direct spiritual descendant of Swami Rudrananda, more commonly known as Rudi.  After meeting in 1972, Alik's life was transformed as he became a teacher of the sacred lineage.

At the age of fifteen, deeply unhappy, Alik went to his mother for help. He was shocked to see her break into tears and not be able to offer guidance. Realizing his parents had no answer to his misery, Alik left home and wandered around Europe in search of a teacher.

Ten years later, in New York City, and almost at the end of his rope, he walked into a small antique store. As he approached the man sitting at the back of the store, Alik experienced a profound spiritual awakening similar to something he had experienced as a child.   Walking into Rudi’s store, he knew his quest had ended.

The bond between Rudi and Alik was immediate, eternal and all-encompassing. They spent an intense and profound year together. On the second day after they met, Rudi told Alik he would one day be teaching his work.

On another occasion, he told Alik, “Attracting you into my life signifies the highest level of my spiritual achievement.” Alik felt as if a valve in his heart was opened and a tsunami of energy and love was released. This flow has never ended.  

A year later, upon Rudi’s passing, Alik moved to Texas and spent ten years with Stuart Perrin, Rudi’s student. The austere training in the Ashram was self-imposed and voluntary. It was aimed at building the foundation that combined the physical responsibilities one faces on earth with a vibrant and rich spiritual life. This was the essence of Rudi’s teaching. The training lasted ten years, at the end of which Alik moved back to Israel, thus fulfilling Rudi’s prophecy and bringing this revolutionary spiritual work to the Middle East.  In Israel, Alik started a meditation school in Jerusalem and taught in several cities. While in Israel he taught in prisons and spiritual communities all over the country.

Alik teaches in his home in Pacific Grove, California and in the maximum security prison in Soledad. Meditation classes are free of charge.

Alik is also the author of three major screenplays, “The Human Scar,” which is a mythical/spiritual autobiography, and “Mustard," a journey into the heart of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and "I Am Your Fire" which is based on a true story.

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